Online Studio 2

What is Online Studio 2?

Monthly direct debit subscribers will be automatically added to the online group to be able to access recorded studio classes. You will be able to catch up with missed classes at any time, anywhere!

What you will need :

See each class’ description page for equipment used.

How to sign up…

  1. Enrol for monthly Direct Debit payment of studio classes.
  2. Register your login on this website and wait for your membership to be approved.
  3. Login on this website, after payment has gone through/approval, the link to the videos will be added to your login profile. *Note, if the subscription is cancelled, you will no longer have access to the videos.

The Small Print: All workouts are within the group. Workouts are for members of the group only and are not to be shared anywhere or with anyone. I assume that you are fit and healthy and have no issues that affect you being able to workout at home. If you do have any medical or physical conditions then I recommend you speak with your GP, attend a class so that we can speak to you in person and go through technique or consider a one to one session with a PT. I am not a qualified dietician or nutritionist I can only give ideas of what you should be eating as part of a healthy diet.