Ever wondered what is in a BOOSTfit class?

Not only are we an incredible workout but we developed this class to focus on your mental health as well. We take a variety of class formats, and combine them, to put a spotlight on your mental and physical wellness and ensure you never get bored.

WARM UP: We warm up your muscles, and your mind too, using carefully selected music to inspire and uplift you, one step at a time.

STRESS BUST: Especially put together with stress-busting beats to get rid of any negativity, anxieties, and of course stress.

BOOST YOUR MOOD: This is your chance to let go of all those worries and embrace your inner dance diva with our heart pumping tunes, but most of all having some fun. No rhythm needed, just turn up as you are.

BOOST YOUR STRENGTH: We tone muscle but the real strength we build is internally. With powerful messages and soul inspiring songs.

SHAKE IT OFF: After all that hard work we are shaking out the muscles ready for…

STRETCH IT OUT: Osteopath developed stretch, designed to be the perfect and effective stretch for the workout you just did. Sending you on your way with confidence and calm.

BOOSTfit is a safe, judgment free community.  The class is designed to take you on a journey giving your body and mind a workout you’ll never get bored of.  It is a fitness class, not a dance class!  It does not matter if you go a different way or need to slow the moves, it is totally judgment free and pressure.

Boost bands are milestone markers given out after you achieve a certain number of classes to help remind you of just what you have already achieved.

Equipment: Small hand weights optional.