Studio Classes and Zoom! What you need to know

We are back OPEN! All classes are now in the studio and live streamed. Please watch the video below if you are going to be attending studio classes. We are currently only allowing 8 people in the studio so that you have plenty of space. To book classes go to www.bookwhen.com/julieligginsfitness and select whether you want the studio class or the live stream class (these will stay as a permanent feature now). If you are a non-member please pay at checkout or select the class pass option, if you are a member already then please tick off line payment.

Hour of Power

Studio 2 & Zoom Class Timetable September & October 2020:

All classes are bookable online. Classes from July will be run from the studio with limited spaces, and live from the studio on Zoom. Book now to avoid disappointment!

Timetable Sept-Oct

Zoom ONLY Class Timetable September & October 2020:

Please note, there are currently no classes being run from Chawson First School. The Pilates 6 week courses are being run from the studio and live on Zoom.