Pilates Testimonial

“I enjoyed Fitness Pilates at the Studio and was eager to move to Pilates with Julie as she set up and increased the number of classes available.

I was quite nervous at first, as it appeared I was a pretty ‘wonky donkey’ when Julie took my measurements and assessed my posture, but Julie filled me with so much confidence that Pilates would help me to restore my body to a less wonky state!

I expected a lot of stretching and ‘yoga type’ movements that I may not be able to achieve. But Julie was right with filling me with confidence as the first session was learning the basic techniques and exercises – which you would have thought would be easy – but at the end of the first session I felt I knew my body and its capabilities far better than I ever had…. and I ached!

I have progressed so much with Pilates with Julie. I love every class – from the basics to brush up on those first learned techniques to the extra involvement of weights or resistance bands to provide the class with variety and we work our bodies in different ways and the outcomes are very different also. After every Pilates class, I feel Julie has challenged me and my body to do exercises I would not have dreamed I could do at the age of (nearly) 53. Everyone has their own exercises that they find challenging and with Julie’s support and encouragement and the class rallying around you too, I have conquered my own demon of ‘roll ups’ which resulted in a round of applause from the Julie and the class.

The physical benefits of being much more flexible, supple and strong, generally more capable and aware of my body are way beyond my expectations. My posture, I feel, has improved 100%. I know that if I have a few spare minutes in the evening or at the weekend, I can look up a few Pilates exercises at home and be confident that what I am doing is correct as every week, Julie provides the class with list of exercises we aim to achieve that week, so you know the focus of the class. After classes, Julie will post details of ‘exercise of the week’ which we can practise at home. All these extra snippets of information help to motivate us and ensure we are doing the exercises correctly.

Pilates has become part of my lifestyle and it’s thanks to you, Julie Liggins.”

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